Four Point Holding with Suspension System

4PH-S / 4PH | Patented

The new invention is intended to provide a Bobbin Holder for a stable holding and more a sophistication in loading and unloading of the roving bobbins and also to avoid the impact load to the creel structure. This featured Bobbin Holder of 4 Point Holding with Suspension System is suitable for any make of Bobbin Transportation System.


Inbuilt Suspension


Four Point Holding


For a Stable Holding

New Four Point Holding with Suspension System - 4PHS

  • Four point holding system provides a stable holding of the bobbin to ensures uniform delivery of roving.
  • Suitable for a wide range of roving bobbins with various inner profiles of international OEM requirements.
  • A Stable holding is ensured by Four point holding even for the bobbins having damages at the inner bore.
  • The suspension system absorbs shock and prevents track damages during manual/mechanical operation.
  • Flexible to fit for all profiles of tracks manufactured by the leading OEM's worldwide.

The Worlds first innovative Patented
Multi Brake System in Bobbin Holder and
Patented Futuristic 4 Point Holding with
Suspension System
in Bobbin Holder

Four Point Holding System

Bobbin Holders

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