About Us

Our quest for quality starts right from design and ends at the customer point. Our stringent in-house quality measures and the highly advanced process control systems ensure the quality of products at every stage of manufacturing. This has made us one of the leading OEM suppliers to quality conscious textile machinery manufacturers the world over.

Autotex - Corporate


Autotex has been serving the textile industry for more than a decade and has grown to be one of the leading textile machinery component suppliers in India and Overseas. The company was set up with the express...

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Autotex - Infrastructure


Strong vertical and horizontal integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Autotex. State-of-the-Art infrastructure created for manufacturing Engineering Plastic components, Pressure die casting parts...

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Autotex - Awards


Our Products are known for just one thing - Performance -

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Autotex - Achievements


First and only Indian company crowned for World's Largest Installed Bobbin Holders.

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Autotex - Milestones


2017 - Invented the new patented concept with Lamellen sleeves in clearer rollers.

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Autotex - Windfarm


Wind energy is produced by wind turbines, which have rotating blades that harness the wind's kinetic energy. Wind turbines contain generators that harness the mechanical energy from the spinning blades to generate electricity.

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Autotex - Events


Autotex has successfully participated in the Major Textile exhibition all over the world.

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Autotex - Network


Autotex vision is to be the leader for exceptional client service. This is not about reinventing our profession's approach to service, but about delivering our services exceptionally well...

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