Fluff Cleaner FAQ's

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To make a faultless fabric, the yarn has to be processed with care and quality in carding, drawing, combing, roving, spinning, winding and weaving. As all these process are important, one thing very important in every stage is cleaning. Cleanliness ensures quality. Quality process gives faultless fabric.

The fiber remains, which are near to some of the rotating parts, are not easily removable by a small thumb driven stick. It needs an impact load to collect the fiber remains. The Fluff Cleaner can only achieve this. Autotex Fluff Cleaner is free to handle and easy to collect any kind of fiber remains with less strain.

Insert Spindle Rod and Collet nut
To fix the spindle into the collet turn the nut in left hand direction, insert the spindle and tighten the nut.

  • Initially discharge the battery completely by putting the instrument in use.
  • In regular usage, charge the battery until the LED indicator in the charger glows green.
  • Plug the charger only to a single phase 5A / 230V socket.
  • Do not use other chargers without proper authentication.
  • Switch off the charger before removing the instrument from the charger.
  • Do not operate the instrument while charging.

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